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Ingela Larsson Smith

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As a professional natural horsewoman,

Ingela Larsson Smith has demonstrated her abilities in the Royal Mews for her Majesty the Queen of England, been summoned by Sheiks to tame their most challenging Champion Arabians, and consulted, taught and shared her expertise worldwide.

Her incredible gift for horsemanship has been honed by professional training under renowned natural horsemanship masters. But it is her spiritual relationship with her Creator that gave Ingela insight into the depth of connection that is possible with horses through the healing of the heart and transformation of the mind.

Her students are wide and varied: from England to Brazil, from millionaires to orphans. Ingela’s teachings impart not only understanding, but passion and compassion.


To build a strong bond of trust, meeting your horse’s needs is a requirement. If you do, he will always respond!




The horse is a family animal who loves to be in relationship. He is looking for the herd feeling! When we take him out of the herd to be alone with us, we need to be aware of how deep this need is in him and be willing to meet it. If we don’t meet his need for connection, he will feel lost. If you are the one who provides love, peace and joy for him, he will become completely secure in your presence, feeling safe, protected and provided for.

Otis is a Lusitano. He used to be very nervous, tense, tight and therefore a challenge to ride. Ingela built the relationship with him very, very slowly. She spent lots of time just hanging out with him. She helped him relax without asking him to do anything. He slowly learned to let go of his fears and became more confident. Now Otis connects extremely deeply and strongly. These days, Ingela & Otis have a lot of fun together!

For the horse to come to us to find peace, we first need to be at peace in ourselves. Then our horse will be able to let go of any mental, emotional and physical brace. In order to truly connect and offer our horse love, peace and joy, we need to receive the healing of our hearts. When we open our hearts freely, without self-preservation and self-protection, our horse can begin to do the same.

Free 3-Part-Video Series



Ingela Larsson Smith

Step into Unimagined Possibilities!


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